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All about Attaching Flowers to Hair Clips

The method to attach flowers to hair clips is the ideal assistant to decorate the hairstyle. Although one can get them from stores, they are basic, modest, and fun to make! This article will show some methods of making a flower closure, using new and fake flowers. In the same way, it will show one of two methods of making the own flowers with a special texture, in case one can’t find any that one likes.

Use Genuine Flowers

hair clipsOne can use genuine or fake flowers for this technique. Try to find some flowers that have a flat base or bottom, for example, daisies. They will be simpler to stick on the clasp. Chose genuine or fake flowers. Try not to consolidate genuine and fake flowers into a similar hairpin. If one uses genuine flowers, choose something hard, for example, chrysanthemum, moms, or daisies. One must pass on sensitive flowers, for example, pansies and blue rings.

Make sure the flowers are perfect and free of dust. Likewise, one will need to ensure that the panel’s back is as level as could reasonably be expected. Here are how one must prepare genuine and fake flowers:

Trim the Flowers

DIY hair accessories with flowers advise people to cut new flowers from the stems. Trim isolated flowers like, for example, daisies, as close to the base as possible. This will make it easier to paste it into the clip. Discard the stems. Remove fake flowers from the stem. At this point, use sharp scissors to control the plastic stump at the base of the flower. Eliminate the stems. In case one uses small flowers, for example, green fillers, keep them in small bundles. Try not to manage them until the base of the flower. Think about saving flower leaves. They can make incredible fillings.

Use Glue

Glue some leaves to the zipper with the foci facing outwards, similar to the sun’s rays. Glue some leaves at the clasp’s focal point, with the foci covering each other like scales. Glue a piece of lace at the highest point of the clasp to cover the metal. Glue a few long strands of the strip to one of the clips on the clasp.

Consider placing a warm, felt cloth on the back of the flower. This is not essential, but it will help to give some reliability. The felt circle should be huge enough to cover the flower’s back but small enough that one cannot see it when one looks at the flower. Try using a felt shade that coordinates the flower’s tone.

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